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3.1 Settings

It's possible to change the following settings on the settings page:

  • Default Proposal Valid Days
  • Reserve Stock in Order Proposal
  • Hide Cancelled/Failed Proposals
  • PDF Template Type

You can find this option when you navigate to WooCommerce → Settings → General to the end of the General Options.

3.1.1 Default Proposal Valid Days

These are the default days a proposal is valid.

This can be changed on each individual order

3.1.2 Reserve Stock in Order Proposal

This option will enable a reserve stock button in an order proposal. Due to the way Woocommerce works you have to reserve the stock after the proposal is created manually.

The option can be found in the order item meta box and can only be used once.

3.1.3 Hide Cancelled/Failed Proposals

This option will hide cancelled or failed order proposal under the My Account page in the frontend of the logged in user.

3.1.4 PDF Template Type

If you have the Woocommerce Packing Slip Pro Templates installed, you can pick the corresponding template type here.

This option is only visible if you have the template plugin installed.

3.2 Email Notification

When you go to WooCommerce → Settings → Emails you'll see the order proposal email notification with the names Customer Proposal Backend, Customer Proposal Payment Gateway and Admin Proposal Payment Gateway.

When you click on one you'll see several settings. From enabling and disabled the email notification to modifying the email subject and heading.

You can also add a BCC email/s for the proposal email.