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Did you ever experience the situation that customers asked your for a quota or proposal before they want to buy?
A lot of B2B customers need a proposal for their internal process or a service quota upfront.

With the WooCommerce Order Proposal Plugin it’s super simple to create order proposals for your customers.
Create an order in the backend and assign it in the order proposal status.
You have the option to set the proposal's valid time which will expire automatically at the end.

Proposals can be sent to the customers via email and also be accessed from their My Account page in the shop itself.
The customer can accept or decline the proposal in the My Account page and proceed to the payment process upon acceptance.

Proposals can also be created directly by your Customer.
Let your Customer shop and pick Proposal at the checkout.
You can change and adjust the proposal afterwards and send it back to your customer.


The plugin lets you create Orders for your Customer.

The Customer can not change the Order or any of its elements like shipping in an Proposal.

They can only accept and select the payment option to finish the Order Proposal.


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