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Tracking INVENTORY just got easier with our latest plugin Product Serial Numbers

The plugin offers tools to register each individual product you want to sell and then to track your inventory by SERIAL NUMBER or PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION, just like a warehouse does it.

The plugin offers the ability to create product serial numbers which represent any item you sell which are created from actual Woocommerce Products.

The plugin provides 2 NEW features:

  1. Supplier Shipments
  2. Product Serial Numbers

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Supplier Shipments

A supplier shipment contains product items that you received from your supplier, as well as information such as supplier name, order date, and other important data.

A good example of this plugin and how it will help you track would be;

Company A is in the business of selling computers. 
A SUPPLIER SHIPMENT would contain all of the actual computers with their individual serial number, the date you ordered the computers and the name and detail of that particular supplier.

Using this system you would always know when and from whom you received the computers you are selling to each individual customer. 

Product Serialnumbers

Product serial numbers are attached to the products you are selling.

Product serial numbers can either be created through the supplier shipment process above or can simply be created without any supplier shipment based on the item alone.

You must select the Woocommerce Product you want to tie the serial number to in order to create the product serial number.

A great feature is that you can set a product serial number item with different codes such as:
in stock, sold, RMA or DOA plus you have options to leave comments on each item which can further help your warehousing and product data information tracking.


You can tie a product serial number to an order item through the order screen.

A button on the screen allows you to tie a product serial number to that order item, this way you always know which item was sold to which customer and in which order.


The default serial number label can be set with each Woocommerce Product.

The title is used by default.


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